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Now Rowling is being lauded by some ‘mos for her bravery—a gay character in Harry Potter! Who knew?! No one, of course, because Rowling didn’t see fit to mention Dumbledore’s sexuality in any of the seven HP books. Why not? Well, I guess Rowling couldn’t fit it in, seeing as she was working under such a strict word limits. Ahem.

And I rather agree. I mean, I can see how Harry really wasn't interested in Dumbledore's sexual orientation, and since he's the viewpoint character, even if Rowling had thought of Dumbledore as gay, Harry wouldn't care, and we wouldn't know. So, sure, fine, don't mention it. On the other hand, it's true that if Rowling had wanted to make a political statement that Queer People Are Okay, she needed to put it in the book.

What she did is, in my opinion, fanfic. I'm all in favor of fanfic. I'm willing to chalk this one up to that, and not think of it as much more significant than that. It's fan candy, really-- not substantial, but fun.

Maybe in her next book (which she says will not be fantasy, which I think is a good decision), she'll have queer characters. Maybe not. We'll have to see.

I am loving some of the icons lately, though. Grin.

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